Caroline Strawson
Caroline Strawson
Caroline Strawson & her family

Caroline is an accredited Divorce and Positive Pschology Coach and is #1 best selling author of Divorce Became My Superpower. She combines her experience in coaching and counselling, Positive Psychology and her own high conflict divorce to help people thrive after divorce or breakup specialising in narcissistic abuse recovery, With a wealth of experience from coaching to counselling, she helps people navigate the rollercoaster of emotions associated with narcissistic abuse. Caroline will help you not just bounce back after narcissistic abuse but bounce forward. She has many aspects to her coaching with proven practical tools and positive psychology interventions and after every coaching session, you will have  a personalised Action Plan to keep you moving forward and not stay stuck.

After her own divorce in 2011, she found herself in over £70,000 worth of debt and a single mum. Having suffered years of emotional abuse within her marriage, she knows first hand how tough the divorce process can be especially when dealing with high conflict. In April 2013, Caroline had her marital home reposessed and she felt ashamed and helpless seemingly in a long dark tunnel with no light at the end of it and she was diagnosed with PTSD and suffered with depression, anxiety and self harm. Caroline aims to be your strength and light in your darkness so you don’t feel alone.

During this traumatic time in Caroline’s life, she went on to create two hugely successful businesses from scratch. With her empathateic manner and professional approach, she helps people through the emotional rollercoaster of narcissistic abuse recovery minimising impact on children.

She is super passionate about helping others by empowering them through the power of Positive Psychology, her own unique coaching techniques and proven, practical exercises that she has learnt through experience, training and personal hindsight..

Caroline is on a mission to stop others hitting rock bottom as she did after narcissistic abuse because she knows first hand how this can nearly break you. She  openly shares her own lows she went through including depression, anxiety and self harm and total loss of identity. Caroline will help you adopt a positive mindset using positive psychology to enable you to come out the other side and not just bounce back but bounce forward and help you not just survive after narcissistic abuse but THRIVE.. Caroline wants to help you realise that a divorce need not be the end but a catalyst to redesign your life to a more exciting and happier one where you can truly be happy once again and not live in a constant state of anxiety. 

Caroline offers one to one coaching in person or via Skype, online courses and a thriving community group on Facebook called Divorce and Breakup Support After Narcissistic Abuse. She treats each of her clients on an individual basis and strives to help them reach their true inner happiness in all aspects of life. Caroline is regularly asked to speak in large arenas sharing her story and passion for helping others and is currently studying for a Masters in Positive Pyschology and Coaching Psychology. She has appeared in national magazines, newspapers and BBC Radio.

Caroline has a proven track record  in coaching and not only talks the talk but has walked the walk helping others achieve success and happiness after narcissistic abuse. She has now remarried and also has three step daughters so can help guide you through to the next stage of a new relationship and a blended family and the challenges you may face with ex spouses.

Caroline has a passion to help you realise your true potential because she has been right where you are now and this was her personal journey and story to where she is today and she is waiting to help you write your next chapter of stepping back into your power and taking back control of your life………



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