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Thrive After Narcissistic Abuse Using My Signature Three Step Recovery System




 – Are you struggling to move on after coming out of a narcissistically abusive relationship?


– Do you feel scared and alone and bottling up your emotions?


– Do you feel like life will never be the same again?


– Do you feel you are still being controlled after your divorce or breakup?


 – Are you struggling to manage your emotions especially when there are children involved?


 – Do you feel like you are constantly in fight or flight mode waiting for the next text or email? 


– Do you feel completely overwhelmed and need someone to guide you through the whole process?



 In 2011, I went through my own divorce after years of being in a narcissistically abusive marriage and I know first hand how tough and lonely an experience that can be. Following my divorce, I was in over £70,000 worth of debt and this culminated in having my family home repossessed and confidence hitting rock bottom after years of living in a toxic marriage. I was diagnosed with PTSD and suffered with depression, anxiety and self harm. I felt alone and broken and no one seemed to  understand what I was going through giving advice that was always counter productive and often made me feel worse. Trying to effectively co-parent was a constant challenge with endless back and forth messages with no resolution ever leaving me feeling battered and lonely. Then I found positive psychology and with implementing key strategies and lots of self development, I started to heal. I went on to create two successful businesses enabling me to be debt free and rebuild my life focusing on hour upon hour of self development and research into narcissistic personality disorder, co-dependency and being an empath.  I started to not just merely function, but flourish. I went on to study for a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and became one of the U.K’s first accredited Divorce & Break-up Coaches. 

As an accredited Divorce and Positive Psychology Coach, #1 Bestselling author of “Divorce Became My Superpower” and a successful female entrepreneur. I have a passion and mission to help women recover from narcissistic abuse and not just survive but THRIVE. In 2018, I won the National Business Women’s Awards for Best New Business recognising all the work I was doing in raising awareness and helping hundreds of women not just bounce back but bounce forward. I empower women to be proactive in their own healing after narcissistic abuse with proven practical strategies, positive psychology interventions and rapid transformation therapy to help others cope on a day to day basis because I know small steps lead to giant leaps. I have many years of experience in coaching and counselling plus my own personal experience which all allow me to help my clients on both a personal and professional capacity. I volunteer at my local domestic abuse charity and run a local meetup called The Positive Divorce Club bringing women together to make new friends and have fun.

Divorce from a narcissist does not need to define you but can act as a catalyst for a complete life re-design however broken you may feel. I help my clients with emotional and practical support creating a personal Action Plan after each session to keep them moving forward and not stay stuck. I help them to stop feeling helpless and start to feel hopeful again. I am a one stop shop for anyone considering or going through divorce from a narcissist to help guide them through and be the strength and light in this time of darkness especially when dealing with a narcissist because there are very specific strategies to cope in the aftermath of this insidious form of emotional abuse. I specialise in recovery from abusive relationships including a personalised signature system called the PLANA Programme (Positive Life After Narcissistic Abuse). I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk as I have been where you are now and have completely turned my life around with taking back control and have redefined the boundaries in my life. How can anyone counsel or coach you if they have not been where you are now?

 I can help you not just bounce back but bounce forward after narcissistic abuse and help you take back your PERSPECTIVE, POWER & POSITIVITY. I offer one to one coaching either in person or on Skype with unlimited messaging service so you need never feel that you are on your own. I have a free community group on Facebook. Divorce & Breakup Support After Narcissistic Abuse with over 3000 women helping them and giving free advice. On my business page on Facebook, Caroline Strawson : Divorce & Positive Psychology Coach, I host a regular weekly Sunday night Heal & Thrive LIVE relating to narcissistic abuse plus subscribe to my Youtube Channel. I teach my clients how to parallel parent with a parallel parenting online tool and practical strategies to protect the children and my clients mental health.  Imagine being able to parent without the fear of abuse and actually start living again and not just existing. I will help you step back into your power and get excited about life again and dial down the negative emotions that can often be present………..

Your Coach & Friend

Caroline xx

  How I can help?


I offer one to one coaching either in person or on Skype to help you not just survive after narcissistic abuse, but thrive. I use positive psychology and rapid transformational therapy  to help you move forward with your life no matter what stage you are at.


I know first hand how incredibly difficult it is to co-parent with a narcissist so I teach how to parallel parent with strategies and tools such as my online parenting tool.


 I believe that personal support through a divorce where narcissistic abuse is present can quite literally be a life saver so if you feel you need someone to hold your hand through each stage and have unlimited access to me in your times of need, please contact me to ask about my most popular monthly coaching packages 


 I have a FREE private Facebook group called Divorce & Breakup Support After Narcissistic Abuse where you can feel part of a community and get tips and live videos on how to cope with the trauma of a breakup or divorce on a daily basis and heal after narcissistic abuse. 

online programmes

I believe that everyone should be helped through the process of divorce or breakup from a narcissist no matter what their income or circumstances. I have created some free resources and paid online courses to use to help you recover from narcissistic abuse.


Having had my own high conflict divorce from a narcissist, I recognised that this can be a lonely experience. I run a local meetup for women to connect and learn about how to move forward and make new friends and have fun. I will be looking in the future to roll these out naytionally and internationally, so if yuo are intersted in being part of this, please contact me to register your interest. 


I am looking to hold regular workshops and retreats both in the UK and abroad in the future helping you gain a toolkit on how to cope with the ups and downs of a divorce and healing after narcissistic abuse. These are designed to help you achieve the happiness you deserve using Positive Psychology and Rapid Transformational Therapy. Please contact me to register your interest  

Coaching with Caroline was like a breath of fresh air. I talked about things that hurt deeply but she enabled me to focus on the good in my life as well as strategies to help me cope for the bad days. For the first time in 4 years I started to like & respect myself again. I finally feel like I’m really healing. Thank you so much!

Nadine Barrie

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