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I am so thrilled that you have found yourself here because you may be feeling lost, confused, and not knowing where to turn right now. The first thing I want to say is I have been exactly where you are right now. I have endured narcissistic abuse myself and this is TRAUMA to the very core. I am here to tell you that this is not your fault and that there is hope. I have helped thousands of women now recognise narcissistic abuse and start to heal and thrive. Whether the narcissist in your life is a partner, parent, friend, or co-worker, the trauma is just as insidious and deep.

Your Journey to Healing Transformation

What IS Narcissistic Abuse?

Narcissistic Abuse is TRAUMA. It affects you in both a cognitive AND somatic way. Those victimised by a narcissist can feel lost, isolated, alone and that no one believes you. I believe you, I see you and I hear you. Narcissistic abuse can happen to anyone and so many times feelings of guilt and shame come up but this is NOT your fault. Make no mistake, narcissistic abuse is TRAUMA and I have not met anyone yet who has been the victim of narcissistic abuse that did not have all the symptoms complex PTSD. Lets get intentional with your healing 




EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) is a psychotherapy that enables people to heal from the symptoms and emotional distress that is the result of disturbing life experiences and trauma such as narcissistic abuse and childhood trauma.

It is now widely recognised as one of the best treatments for processing trauma, PTSD & Complex PTSD which many people who have past trauma such as being in a narcissistic relationship will have.


What IS RTT?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a hybrid powerhouse combination of alternative therapies such as hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, neuroscience linguistic programming and cognitive behavioural therapy which allow you to very rapidly identify deeply embedded blocks and beliefs that stand in the way of living the life you truly want and absolutely 100% deserve.


Client Testimonials

I just wanted to say a huge thanks to you Caroline for all your help and support. Deciding to have the 3-month coaching sessions with yourself was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Your guidance has helped me so much in my recovery and you made me believe and value myself again. Thank you x

I was really struggling with emotions surrounding anger and resentment, my energy was being drained and I was completely stressed out, I needed help. I have to admit I was a little dubious about “online” therapy sessions, how would it work? Would it be as effective as face to face? However, these doubts were very quickly alleviated during my first 1 to 1 Zoom session with Caroline. Non-judgemental, Caroline’s kindness, compassion, and warmth radiated through my computer screen, I immediately felt at ease. It actually felt like she was there, in the room with me, right by my side and together we worked through my feelings, peeled back the layers, and got to the core. Now with a greater understanding, I feel so much more at peace within myself and am confident that should these feelings surface again I’ll be better equipped and able to handle them so much more effectively.

Wow! It’s like suddenly waking up as an adult! 2 hours ago I was an anxious 10-year old pretending at being an adult. Hoping the world wouldn’t see the trembling, anxious child, or worse the terrible child playing at being a good adult. Suddenly it’s like opening my eyes again and I’ve aged more than 30 years (I’m not entirely sure if I should be thanking Caroline for that or not LOL!). Looking out of the window everything suddenly seems brighter, crisper, and standing up I feel like I’ve grown a foot taller! But I also feel like I am not alone. That little girl is here with me now. It feels like a wall has gone up between my past and my present, and me and my little girl are now standing hand in hand on the right side of that wall. Knowing we will never have to go back there. When I imagined taking her by the hand and walking her into my adult home! That was utterly mind-blowing!! So overwhelmingly emotional, I can’t quite process it. It almost feels a bit much right now. So overwhelming.

Caroline, I just wanted to thank you for helping me through the past 6 months. I will be forever grateful for the lessons you taught me. I have never felt so energized and positive about my future & myself. You are truly an inspiration and a beacon of light & hope for so many us who have suffered from abuse & heartbreak. You lead by example & are making such a positive contribution to this world. Keep shining! — feeling grateful.

A massive thank you to the lovely Caroline for supporting me through RTT.

Prior to working with Caroline, I had no confidence in myself or my abilities and had neglected my own health and happiness for a long time. My lack of confidence was showing up in every part of my life- social, personal, and business.

After my initial RTT session with Caroline, I have been feeling so much more in control of my emotions, reactions, and ability to cope with everyday life challenges. I feel like what was once feeling like complete confusion has turned into total clarity and I’m able to put my health and my values as a priority which before had been a huge challenge for me. I’m learning to love me a gain and appreciate that my feelings matter. I’ve subtly removed toxic people from my world without feeling guilty and it’s so refreshing to have more confidence in me and my own decisions and intuition. I’m am so grateful for caroline’s support and guidance with RTT and would highly recommend it to everyone. Thank you so much.

This is the power of just one RTT session with me. For me, it truly is the best therapy out there because it gives my clients back their power and understanding because it gets right to the root cause of WHY you feel the way you do and changes the belief you’ve attached to it and then wires it into the brain.

I have to confess to being a bit of a lurker in here, I read posts, make comments but haven’t actually shared anything yet… so here goes.

I was in a relationship with a narcissist for nearly six years. I had known him for four years before we got together, and I can see now that he started working on me from the moment we met. Over those years together he used the familiar tactics of gaslighting and coercive control on me, but also systematically emotionally and psychologically neglected and abused my son from a previous relationship (which got worse once we had our own child together) to the point that he developed an attachment disorder, with related behavioural problems. Thankfully since we split, my son has been having play therapy for the past three months to help him work through and process everything. I tried unsuccessfully to leave on four occasions, each time he pulled a blinder of a guilt trip on me to make me stay. When I finally broke free in April this year it took strength and support that I never knew I had. I took out a Non-Molestation Order and Prohibited Steps against him (without notice) and went no contact for three months. In that time he was referred for counselling by his GP, and on the
surface, he did work through a lot of the issues he had from childhood (abusive alcoholic father and mother abandoning him) and when we were eventually back in contact he was keen to show his remorse for everything, declare his undying love for me and that he was desperate to prove himself to me, whilst still respecting that all I wanted was a functional relationship for our child’s sake. On the surface, he seemed like a changed man, and I was happy to support this change for the benefit of our son. All I had to do was wait though… over the past two months, the gaslighting has very subtly started again, the pity show, the love-bombing then going quiet in an attempt to make me chase. Different tactics, same narc behaviour. But what he doesn’t know is that in that time I went no contact I developed a superpower. I went to see Caroline Strawson for an RTT session, and I made sure that I didn’t miss a day of listening to the recording that is part of the session. The best way to describe how it feels is that the session built an armour around me that deflects any attempts by anyone, most of all him, to make me feel powerless. Every time I listened to the recording it reinforced that armour so that I am proud to say that I just spent pretty much the whole weekend with him as he was finally moving all his stuff out and I was protected against everything he threw at me. So the conclusion to this veeeeeery long post is to say that I know the RTT sessions are a lot of money, but I also know it is worth every penny as it literally changed my life. Being a single mum trying to build my own business, I absolutely know how money is an issue, but before dismissing it as something you can’t afford, please just really look and see how you could find a way to get the money together to go and see her… you will never regret it.

Good evening all… I would like to say how amazing Caroline RTT is. I have had zero confidence for years and years, its so easy to blame others for causing it… but I don’t think there really is any one to blame…

Life is a challenge and everyone will experience different emotions and struggle with one thing or another. It is so true when Caroline says that we are born with pure love and the dependence of love from our parents.. but hey no one is perfect we all make mistakes and we all do the best we can… I believe that our lives and emotions are dictated by our upbringing… I can truly say that because I have experienced Hypnosis and regression back to where I feel my major problem lies and that was a lack of self-love… (i found the reason behind it) How could my relationships possible work if I was continuously doubting myself OBVS it doesn’t help when you throw a NARC into the equation. BUT it’s made me stronger and more aware. I can’t
blame him now, but I feel that his upbringing and lack of empathy have developed from his childhood. Maybe from not having the love of his father. I now feel sad for him and forgiveness. Caroline Strawson, I am feeling confident. I am feeling self-love, I am feeling the passion and the beliefs that I used to have as a child … I am starting to feel that I can truly make a difference now I have recognised the root cause. Without you Caroline, I would not be ME again. Thank you xxx

Good morning! I just wanted to drop you a very quick message to say thank you for absolutely changing my life. RTT combined with your coaching has absolutely changed my life for the better!

For the first time EVER I truly am the happiest version of me and I can not thank you enough . Have an amazing Monday xxx

Caroline. I am like a new woman. I’m not going to lie. I feel completely different and so much more energized and happy! I am eating well, exercising, and filling my day up with positivity and productivity! I really don’t want to jinx it In case it’s a phase but it feels more real and normal than ever before! I feel like I’ve finally cracked it! I went to court yesterday and wasn’t afraid. I went for a run in the morning, was meditating all the way up to going in and I didn’t fall off the wagon with my eating even despite the stress of the day! I feel wonderful. Like me, who I was supposed to be all along. I can’t thank you enough.

I would definitely like to think about having more RTT sessions In the future as I cannot believe how effective it has been for me! I weigh-in Friday and I’m expecting a loss this week on the scales so I’ll keep you posted on that too!

Thank you so much again. You are wonderful. xxx

So ladies, yesterday I had an RTT session with Caroline Strawson. I was aware of the trauma points prior to the visit, however, it wasn’t why I was attending. Lol. But just to say to anyone considering having a session, book it and book it now, I sat on the fence for months. As soon as I woke up ( during the session, I’m bad I fell asleep) I had a nice nap, I immediately felt happy, smiley, like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders, I was so relieved.

Last night I fell asleep at 7.30 pm through to 10 pm, same again, happy as Larry. This morning ( after sleeping for a whole 10 hours) I have woken up, I cannot stop smiling, I feel like I couldn’t give a hoot, all of the things I was procrastinating about are now on a list, which I have already dealt with three of them. I want to skip, dance, and sing. I can assure you, it’s been a long time since I felt like that on a Saturday morning. The need for loud music and dancing is so powerful, I shall give in to it when I’ve finished typing this.

When I have tried thinking about my stbx, my brain goes “NAH, NEXT” whoop whoop. When I think about planning and prep for life, car broken down, next- buy a new one, a list of where to look prepared. It’s almost like someone has placed a pre-prepared Rolodex in my head. All of the sugar snacks I usually crave when I wake up – not there. I am just so relieved if my memory returns so that I can read and focus, stop feeling like a rabbit in headlights every time someone asks me a question.

Caroline, thank you, thank you, thank you. X

I have just finished a three-month coaching package with Caroline. I started the work at exactly the right time for me as I was facing some difficult challenges following a divorce. Caroline helped me to not only face and deal with each challenge in a practical way, with lots of personal support and guidance but also use our one to one sessions to understand the underlying causes and beliefs that were contributing to situations, that I kept finding myself struggle with. Through a mixture of psychoeducation, EMDR therapy and lots of positive psychology interventions, I was able to become more aware of some of the subconscious beliefs that I had about myself and actually pinpoint where they had come from in my childhood and then with Caroline’s expert knowledge and support, work on reprocessing and coming back to the present moment to recover
and heal. I also really enjoyed all of the inner child healing and reparenting work that we did. This helped me to start seeing myself as worthy of being nurtured and cared for and I started to really listen to myself and implement lots more self-care. This is something I will keep working on as I go forward and become more aware of my own needs.

I owe a lot to Caroline. With the support of her online self-healing group, the 1-2-1 coaching, parenting support, and RTT, I have transformed as a person and it has improved every area of my life. I am a much more conscious and confident parent now, I am seeing my relationships improve and I am for the first time gaining a love for myself as my self-esteem and self-worth increase and improve daily.

I could not recommend working with Caroline more. She is very supportive, encouraging, and will push you forward to bounce
forward and thrive after trauma. Thank you Caroline can’t wait to learn more about myself and continue to grow through your ongoing support through the self healers circle.

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