Parallel parenting tool 

THE MOST ADVANCED TOOL TO HELP YOU MANAGE SHARED PARENTINg & Minimise your anxiety associated with communicating with your ex partner


– Are you sick of back and forth messaging with your ex partner that never achieves anything?

– Are you on edge every time you get a message from your ex partner and waiting for that notification?

– Does your ex partner message you with abuse or bullying rather than specific reasons about the children?

If you have answered YES to any of the above, then you need the Parallel Parenting Tool in your life NOW 

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    Uncomplicate your communication.

 I know first hand that the end of a relationship can be fraught with tension and miscommunication, especially when children are part of the equation. I am pleased to partner with Our Family Wizard to bring you the very best shared parenting tool so you can move forward to effectively parent your children through divorce and breakup especially after narcissistic abuse. This shared parenting tool is designed to reduce the stress and conflict of managing communication and family plans across separate households. Equipped with a robust feature set, the tool can help families handle the unique responsibilities of co-parenting or in high conflict and abusive breakdowns, how to effectively parallel parent by parents disengaging from eachother to focus on healing but still putting the children at the centre of the breakup NOT the middle. 

Keep your family information with you wherever you are

 Access your parallel parenting account from anywhere using the Mobile App. Manage your family calendar, document new expenses, upload receipts, access medical histories, and much more all in real time. The Mobile App is free to download and use with your account. Apps are available for iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire, and BlackBerry.

 Stay on top of new activity with notifications

 Never miss any new activity on the tool. Notifications keep you on top of new correspondence and entries made by your co-parent, divorce coach, children, and other family members. You can also customise your alerts to receive them how and when you want them. So no more being bombarded with endless emails or texts from your ex partner. You can choose when you want to see them each day and when you are in control.

 Notifications on the tool are available in three ways: push alerts sent to you via the Mobile App, email notifications sent to your personal email, or text message alerts sent to your phone. You can receive alerts immediately when new activity is posted for you to review, or customise your email or text message alerts to be compiled and sent to you in one daily notification

Family scheduling simplified.

 Raising children in separate homes is made easier when everyone in your family is on the same page. The shared calendar on the tool keeps you and your co-parent working in tandem with built-in tools for tracking parenting time, scheduling holidays, and more. This is especially useful if co-parenting is not an option due to high conflict or narcissistic abuse. This gives both parents a level of minimising conflict and keeping the communication child focused rather than continually argumentative. 

Work together on one interactive calendar

No matter where you are, your family calendar is with you. Login to your account via the mobile app or website to create schedules, add events, propose parenting time swaps, and more. Work with your co-parent to maintain an accurate calendar and history of changes so that you’re always on the same page.

 Get a month view of your calendar ready to print in seconds, personalise reports of parenting time swap requests or events, and much more. You can even use printouts to help familiarise your children with your parenting schedule. 

        Simplify parenting time modifications

The Swap tool lets you send a straightforward request to your co-parent for a one-time change in parenting time. You can even offer to swap time with your co-parent, exchanging a day of parenting time with them for another.

 All Swaps are thoroughly documented, from the time they are sent to when they are responded to by the other parent.

 Schedule holidays in advance

 When it comes to holiday parenting schedules, knowing the plan well ahead of time can help avoid confusion and conflict when holidays arrive. Schedule parenting time over holidays and other special dates well into the future using the Holiday tool on the calendar.

 Holidays can follow your normal parenting schedule or supersede it when necessary. Custom holidays can be created to represent everything from birthdays and Christmas and New Year’s Day.

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 Contact me for a personalised explanation and tour of the tool and how you can have me as one of your professionals added onto your account to help you manage your shared parenting effectively.







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