Coaching with Caroline was like a breath of fresh air. I talked about things that hurt deeply but she enabled me to focus on the good in my life as well as strategies to help me cope for the bad days. For the first time in 4 years I started to like & respect myself again. I finally feel like I’m really healing. Thank you so much!

Nadine Barrie

Having contacted Caroline we agreed that a 90 minute coaching session would be most appropriate for me. I have been divorced for a number of years although the relationship with my ex-wife has become increasingly strained over the years and affecting my relationship with my children. Caroline was very quick to recognise the recurring issues, and essentially this was the manner in which I was reacting to the actions of my ex. Caroline helped by putting in place some very sensible methods of controlling these situations so that I do not continually feel that I am being wrongly treated and keep everything child focused. Although at first this felt that I was continuing to be submissive, Caroline made me realise these strategies got the desired results more than keeping engaging in conflict. This is now starting to pay off from my perspective. Caroline also paid particular attention to ensure that I look after myself and start to enjoy life again. I had kind of forgotten that this should be a priority for me and made me think hard about what I enjoy most and how I can begin to put my life back together. This was for the benefit of myself and more importantly for my children as they now see a happier dad whilst we also enjoy our precious time together far more. Thank your valuable help Caroline.

Stephen Bradford

Even though I’m a resilient person, I had a big and conflicting decision to make about my personal life. I was torn and needed outside intervention and support to offload honestly about my feelings without judgement. Caroline listened, reflected, and empowered me to make the necessary decisions. For me. She has been a cheerleader for me, honouring what I want, listening, and challenging in an empathetic way. I’ve made difficult, but necessary, decisions. Having Caroline by my side has helped me see things as I needed to and supporting me through my decision making. And giving me the reframe I needed.

Sarah Jones

I remember the day I had my coaching session with Caroline like it was yesterday. I cried uncontrollably knowing that I was completely Broken. I had been separated for two years and I was at my lowest. I had had counselling before and just thought it would be similar but little did I know that the 2 hours I spent with Caroline would change my world. I feel like I spent the whole time crying but strangely it felt right and that I needed to do it, to let it all out. She listened to every single word and had an answer for everything. She made me really question my thought process and it completely took me out of my comfort zone where up to that point no one had ever questioned me.
That day changed my life, my outlook, my mindset, my everything. I am stronger than I have ever been and so focused on my future.
Caroline was the angel I needed and I will be forever grateful for her words. I honestly hand on heart can say she saved my life. And now I get to have the best of my days with my family. Thankyou Caroline because of you I’m here.

Miriam Jepson

You have had such an amazing impact on me my eyes are stinging even when I write this. I can be completely open with you in a way that is very different from my best friends. My friends listen and all there for me but you listen and can give me advice relevant. I suppose it is because you have been there and have made it work. My friends don’t get it. But they still love me. And I still love them. But they can’t help me the same way that you have.

Jane Tait

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