It Is Time To Heal.....
It Is Time To Be Happy......
- Do you feel like you will never be truly happy again?

- Does it feel like you have lost your identity and completely helpless?

- Are you worrying that life will never be the same again?

In this online course of 14 modules, I'm going to take you on a journey where you will learn to heal yourself and find true happiness.  Yes, really! 

I will take you from feeling HOPELESS TO HOPEFUL

It's your time to take your first steps to happiness

My name is Caroline Strawson and I am an accredited Divorce and Breakup Coach and #1 Best Selling Author. 

I help women just like you through the emotional rollercoaster of divorce and breakup to help you not just bounce back but bounce forward to an even happier life

At the end of my marriage and through my divorce, I was in a huge amount of debt and lost my family home and I had my children reliant upon me when all I wanted to do was crawl under my duvet and hide. I was truly at rockbottom. 

I have now gone on to create a life of meaning and happiness and I want to help you realise that your life is not over because of your divorce, but it is a catalyst for you to now redesign your life and you have an exciting new chapter ahead of you. 

 I want to be your light at the end of your dark tunnel.   
Here's what we'll be working on 

Each module will contain a practical video and worksheet with a positive psychology exercise that you commit to do each time to progress your way through each step. By the end of the course you will be stronger, more confident and feeling excited about your future. Make TODAY the first day of you taking back control of your life and moving forward. I will help you heal from the inside out and give you the practical tools to not just bounce back, but bounce forward.........

  Small Steps Lead To Giant Leaps - Sometimes the future can seem overwhelming and daunting but little steps each day over a short period can lead to giant leaps. 
 Change The Negative Self Talk - You will learn some simple techniques to change how you feel in an instant. You will learn to raise your state of mind to one of positivity. 
 Flip Your Focus - The way you consistently talk to yourself with have a huge impact on the speed of your recovery. You will learn how to stop the negative self talk 
 Uplevel Your Confidence - Where your focus goes, your energy flows and if that focus is on negativity, you will constantly feel in a negative state. 
 Trust Yourself Again - You will learn how to face your fears and not run as small changes can make a big difference 
 Rediscover Your Identity - After a divorce/breakup you can feel lost and lonely. Here, you will rediscover your identity again and re-define what is important to you.
 Create A New Future - See how you can start to redesign a new and exciting life for itself 
  Taking Care Of Yourself - Here, you will learn to love yourself again because you deserve true happiness
  Positive Social Connections - Learn why it is so important to nurture and foster positive connections with others for your healing  
  Self Compassion - You will learn how to increase your feelings of self compassion 
  Self Reflection - It is so important to acknowledge how far you have come not always looking at where you need to be
  Doors Closed, Doors Open - Recognising that just becasue your marriage has ended, does not mean there is not a new and exciting future for you
Feedback from Existing Clients
"I like and respect myself again"
Coaching with Caroline was like a breath of fresh air. I talked about things that hurt deeply but she enabled me to focus on the good in my life as well as strategies to help me cope for the bad days. For the first time in 4 years I started to like & respect myself again. I finally feel like I’m really healing. Thank you so much!
Nadine Barrie
" I feel empowered to make decisions"
Caroline listened, reflected, and empowered me to make the necessary decisions. For me. She has been a cheerleader for me, honouring what I want, listening, and challenging in an empathetic way.  Having Caroline by my side has helped me see things as I needed to and supporting me through my decision making. 
Sarah Jones 
"An amazing impact on me"
You have had such an amazing impact on me my eyes are stinging even when I write this. I can be completely open with you in a way that is very different from my best friends. My friends listen and all there for me but you listen and can give me advice relevant. My friends  can’t help me the same way that you have.
Jane Tait 

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The modules in this course are there for you to work through in your own time. 

You'll receive access to all 8 modules at once and can watch as many times as you need to.  

You'll receive lifetime access to the course, so there is no rush to feel as though you have to do everything at once. 
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