I am an accredited Divorce and Positive Psychology Coach, #1 Best Selling Author of “Divorce Became My Superpower” and winner of the National Business Women’s Awards 2018 for Best New Business. I am passionate about helping you thrive after narcissistic abuse. There are very specific strategies than can accelerate your healing after narcissistic abuse. You need a specialist in the subject to ensure true healing can occur because usual strategies of divorce and breakup coaching will not work with a narcissist and can in fact be counter productive. Over 90% of people coming out of a narcissistic relationship will suffer from PTSD or C-PTSD. I was diagnosed with PTSD but went onto develop Post Traumatic Growth and go on to live a happier and more thriving life BECAUSE of the trauma I went through in her marriage and divorce. 

 What is Divorce & Positve Psychology Coaching? 

 Divorce can feel like you have been hit by a bus and that you have lost all identity with feelings of failure and shame especially where narcissistic abuse is present. These were all the things I felt during my divorce and I was diagnosed with PTSD and suffered with depression, anxiety and self harm. I can therefore not only help you from a personal perspective but from a professional perspective too. Divorce and Positive Psychology Coaching can help you heal and thrive after narcissistic abuse with proven practical strategies and science based positive psychology interventions through the following challenges during the process. I use a combination of rapid transformational therapy to regree you back to childhood via hypnosis to unlock the reasons why you hold certain beliefs and then use positive psychology to help you focus on 6 scientifically proven pillars to increase your happiness and wellbeing enabling you to not just bounce back but bounce forward…..

  – Should I stay or should I Leave My Narcissist Partner?

  Deciding to leave a marriage is a huge decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. I can help give you advice and coaching on whether to stay or leave and be there with you right by your side to support you through this traumatic time .

  – Is My Partner A Narcissist?

I can help you process and decide whether you are living with a narcissist or whether you are suffering with narcissistic abuse syndrome.

 – How Can I Co-Parent With A Narcissist?

The simple answer is you can’t!! But I will help coach you on parallel parenting which is about going no contact but still putting your children at the centre of your divorce NOT in the middle.

  – How Can I Move Forward If My Ex Keeps Trying To Control Me?

 I have been right where you are now! I coach the “Grey Rock” method which is a psychological behaviour that protects your mental health when dealing with a narcissist

  – How Can I Ever Feel That I Can Live A Life Again?

 I can help you break down all aspects of your life so you start to feel back in control rather than being controlled.

  – Will I Feel Alone?

 I offer monthly coaching packages where you get unlimited text/whatsapp access so you need never feel like you are going through this process on your own.

 How Can I Minimise Impact on my Business and Job?

Often at this time as we are paralysed with grief and at rockbottom because of the narcissistic abuse. This can start to affect our business or our job at a time when you usually need your finances to remain stable or ideally improve. I have built two successful businesses from scratch so can guide you through strategies to emotionally disengage at work and stay focused especially if you are in a high profile position.

  – Dealing With A Broken Heart

  Day to day functioning can seem like an uphill struggle when you are suffering with a broken heart even after breaking up with a narcissist. Narcissists target empaths and as an empath, it can be incredibly difficult to move forward because your energy can be rapidly depleted and Caroline will help reset boundaries for you as an empath and dealing with a narcissist. 

  – Betrayal and Cheating Spouse

 When you have been betrayed, you can harvest feelings of anger, guilt and sadness. This can hinder your daily functioning and can become a vicious cycle. I will help you take back your power and work alongside you to increase your own self esteem

 – Knowing Your Boundaries Both Now and In The Future

 Divorce can throw up so many questions about who you may attract again especially after a narcissistically abusive relationship. I will help you recognise your own values, boundaries and future red flags for you so you do  not attract the same type of partner again

  – Conflict

 Divorce conflict and post divorce conflict, even many years later, can slow down your healing and recovery especially when you are dealing with a narcissist. My aim is to help you with strategies to learn how to deal with conflict in an appropriate manner to constantly protect your mental health.

  – Children and Divorce From A Narcissist 

 We are often so worried about how divorce can affect our children especially with a narcissistic ex partner. I will hold your hand and guide you through the emotional rollercoaster to help you and your children come out as unscathed as possible with techniques and exercises to minimise emotiional damage. I will help you see a different perspective when dealing with your ex partner to support your mental health at this time

 – How To Co-Parent and Parallel Parent?

 Ideally in any divorce with children, the ideal is co-parenting. Even that can come with challenges. However, dealing with an ex with a narcissistic personality disorder or abuse can cause great concern to the individual. Parallel parenting is about helping you be the best parent you can be whilst looking after your own mental health. I will help show you real strategies to achieve the best outcome possible

  – Feeling Stuck

 Sometimes, we just feel like we are not moving forward. I can help you get unstuck and start living and thriving again.

 – Rebuilding Your Confidence

 Often coming out of a divorce, we harbour all kinds of feelings of despair. I will gently guide you to start rebuilding yourself to not just bounce back but bounce forward.

 – Rediscover Your Identity

 Going through divorce can seem like the rug has been pulled from under you. You feel like you have lost your identity. I will help you rebuild your life to feel happy again and not just survive but THRIVE

 – Learning To Love Again

 Thinking about loving someone again can seem daunting and scary. I will work on your own self love first so that you are in the best place possible to find love again 

– Design Your Ideal Partner

 Knowing exactly who you are looking for is a good start to finding love again. I will help you look at what values you hold important so you can design your ideal partner and minimising the risk of attracting another narcissist into your life .

 – Creating a New Future

I truly believe that divorce can be a catalyst for a complete redesign of your life to a happier and even more fulfilling one even after a narcissistically abusive relationship . I will help you create the future YOU want

 – Getting Back Out Dating

 Stepping back into the dating arena can seem daunting. I can help you date with dignity and help you create a killer profile if dating online. I will help you recognise the pitfalls and guide you through the process of dating. I will help you decide whether they are a Mr/Miss Right or a Mr/Miss Right Now.

 – Being a Rockstar Single Parent

 Being a single parent has such a stigma, but there are many positives about being one. I will help you to be the best single parent you can so that you can ensure your children feel happy and secure. 

 – New Partnerships and Blended Families

 Meeting a new partner may come with lots of additional changes that you may never have experienced before. I can help guide you on how best to approach scenarios to ensure you have a successful relationship

   Dealing with Exes

 Dealing with a narcissistic ex or indeed your new partners ex, can be a real challenge as there are lots of emotions involved. I will help you take the emotion of these thoughts so that you can heal and move forward and keep control.

 – Blended Families

 Bringing two familes together can be challenging and not always end up rosy. I will guide you through coping startegies on dealing with step-children to protect you and your children from upset and sadness


Caroline will help you learn a wide range of specific techniques and strategies to enable you to cope with dealing with a narcissist and move forward in your life feeling more positive and confident and YOU feeling in control in the divorce and breakup process rather than being controlled. She will give you the tools to equip you with knowing how to cope not just through divorce but whenever anything else traumatic happens in your life


 Contact her TODAY to get started in redesigning your future after narcissistic abuse and see how you can not just function but FLOURISH……. 


how can i help?


I offer one to one coaching either in person or on Skype to help you not just survive after narcissistic abuse, but thrive. I use positive psychology and rapid transformational therapy  to help you move forward with your life no matter what stage you are at.


I know first hand how incredibly difficult it is to co-parent with a narcissist so I teach how to parallel parent with strategies and tools such as my online parenting tool.


 I believe that personal support through a divorce where narcissistic abuse is present can quite literally be a life saver so if you feel you need someone to hold your hand through each stage and have unlimited access to me in your times of need, please contact me to ask about my most popular monthly coaching packages 


 I have a FREE private Facebook group called Divorce & Breakup Support After Narcissistic Abuse where you can feel part of a community and get tips and live videos on how to cope with the trauma of a breakup or divorce on a daily basis and heal after narcissistic abuse. https://www.facebook.com/groups/divorcebecamemysuperpower/ 

online programmes

I believe that everyone should be helped through the process of divorce or breakup from a narcissist no matter what their income or circumstances. I have created some free resources and paid online courses to use to help you recover from narcissistic abuse.


Having had my own high conflict divorce from a narcissist, I recognised that this can be a lonely experience. I run a local meetup for women to connect and learn about how to move forward and make new friends and have fun. I will be looking in the future to roll these out naytionally and internationally, so if yuo are intersted in being part of this, please contact me to register your interest. 


I am looking to hold regular workshops and retreats both in the UK and abroad in the future helping you gain a toolkit on how to cope with the ups and downs of a divorce and healing after narcissistic abuse. These are designed to help you achieve the happiness you deserve using Positive Psychology and Rapid Transformational Therapy. Please contact me to register your interest  

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