• Are you feeling completely lost and hopeless?
    Do you feel like you have lost your identity?
    Does it seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel?


My name is Caroline Strawson and I am an accredited Divorce and Breakup Coach and #1 Best Selling Author. 

I help women just like you through the emotional rollercoaster of divorce and breakup to help you not  just bounce back but bounce forward to an even happier life. Yes, this really can happen.

At the end of my marriage and through my divorce, I was in a huge amount of debt and lost my family home and I had my children reliant upon me when all I wanted to do was crawl under my duvet and hide. I truly hit rock bottom. I felt alone and totally helpless

I have now gone on to create a life of meaning and happiness and I want to help you realise that your life is not over, but this is a catalyst for you to now redesign your life and you have an exciting new chapter ahead of you. 

I want to help you see that YOU deserve to be happy and that your life is NOT defined by your divorce but can be EVEN better BECAUSE of it.
I want to be your light at the end of your dark tunnel.   
I Know By Taking Action TODAY, You Will Be That One Step Closer To Breakthrough
Divorce is the second most traumatic life event that you will go through, second only to losing a loved one so it is no surprise that you are feeling lost and lonely at this time and find yourself right here, right now. Everything you are feeling right now is perfectly normal but there are strategies to help you understand them and to recover and heal faster. Sometimes talking to friends and family and continually sharing our sad story slows down our recovery. In this 8 module course you will discover exactly why you are feeling the way you are and how you can help yourself to move forward with practical, positive psychology exercises that are easy to understand and implement in your everyday life. I want to help you become unstuck from where you are right now and to stop you feeling you are wading through treacle, and to realise that recovering from divorce is not an event but a process and you need to feel these emotions at each step to heal yourself and move forward. This course will speed up that process. 

The way you are feeling today need not be the way you feel tomorrow. Let me help you on your road from

Coaching with Caroline was like a breath of fresh air. I talked about things that hurt deeply but she enabled me to focus on the good in my life as well as strategies to help me cope for the bad days. For the first time in 4 years I started to like & respect myself again. I finally feel like I’m really healing. Thank you so much!
Nadine Barrie
Caroline listened, reflected, and empowered me to make the necessary decisions. For me. She has been a cheerleader for me, honouring what I want, listening, and challenging in an empathetic way. Having Caroline by my side has helped me see things as I needed to and supporting me through my decision making. 
Sarah Jones 
You have had such an amazing impact on me, my eyes are stinging even when I write this. I can be completely open with you in a way that is very different from my best friends. My friends listen and all there for me but you listen and can give me advice relevant.. My friends can’t help me the same way that you have.
Jane Tait 
"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing day in and day out expecting different results"
Albert Einstein

Do not let your circumstances dictate the rest of your life by staying stuck and feeling the same way you are.

This course will help you move from feeling HOPELESS to HOPEFUL

 Imagine waking up tomorrow morning feeling like a weight has been lifted and that your circumstances may not have changed but your perception of your future has and you are hopeful once again. 

Understanding your emotions and why you are feeling this is the first step to recovery. 

Make today the first day of your healing process by starting your very own breakup to breakthrough because YOU deserve to be happy. Little steps each day will lead to giant leaps. 

Divorce became my superpower, so let me show you how divorce can be your superpower too........ 
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