Today I want to talk about something I went through when I was suffering narcissistic abuse, which is when your family and friends tell you to ignore the narcissist. As always, we’ll look at this from a trauma-informed lens. First, we’ll understand what is so triggering about receiving this kind of comments from our loved ones, and then what we can do to stop being triggered and avoid getting into unnecessary conflicts. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– Why the phrase “just ignore them” triggers us so much

– How hearing that from our loved ones makes us feel the need for validation

– What kind of addiction narcissistic abuse creates

– Why we must not feel shame or guilt for firing messages back at the narcissist

We must recognise that healing from narcissistic abuse is not just doing affirmations and repeating “I’m good enough” every day. We have to perform deep work in our bodies because traumatic experiences are stored there. They get locked in our bodies and go directly into our fascia, deep into the visceral level and into our nervous system. 


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