For those of us who have been victimised by a narcissist, knowing they are spreading lies about us can be really triggering. It might become worse when we see people around them believing their lies and turning into what we call flying monkeys. So in this episode, we’ll unravel why narcissists feel this need to spread lies about us, why it triggers a response from us and what we can do to stop reacting to their lies.  

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– Why narcissists continually, habitually and pathologically choose to lie

– The link between the narcissist’s protector parts and their need to lie about us

– If the trigger and the activation don’t come from the lie per se, where they actually come from

– How we can protect ourselves from being triggered by a narcissist’s lies about us

I used to suffer a lot because of my ex-husband’s lies. I wasted tons of energy on two things I would never control – what he would say about me and what people would think when they heard that. Once I realised that, I started focusing and getting curious about what I had control over – my reaction to the lies and what protector part triggered my response. 


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