This week, we will talk about the negative effects of keeping repeating your story over and over. Of course, all of us who went through narcissistic abuse want to be heard and validated, and that’s why we need to tell our story. However, from a neuroscience perspective, the more we keep telling our story of abuse, the more we are slowing down our healing process. Today, we will explore how our mind works and understand what happens in our body when we talk about our story of abuse, and what can help us to overcome this trauma. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– Why repeating our story of abuse over and over makes our healing process slower

– What Trauma Vortex is and how we get there

– What happens in our body every time we relive our relationship with a narcissist

– Why we must pay attention to the content we consume on the internet and on social media about narcissistic abuse

Much of the content about narcissistic abuse we see on social media is about how terrible it is, whether it is made with humour through memes or actual stories. And it is awful indeed, but that kind of content focuses on the narcissist, on the abuse and, therefore, activates the negative feelings we had while enduring that abuse. The way I see it, our focus should be elsewhere – on our recovery, what we can learn about ourselves, and what we can use from it to grow and evolve. 


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