In this episode, we will go through the different types of narcissists you can encounter. I will break down each of them, starting with the main types or the core four, and then going through the subtypes. I believe that talking about this subject will help you identify and get more clarity about the type of narcissist you may be dealing with in your life. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– The four main types of narcissists, and the main differences between them

– The three subtypes of narcissists that go hand in hand with each one of the core four

– Why some subtypes of narcissists are so hard to spot

These kinds of episodes are meant to help you put pieces together. They should help you have a clearer idea of the size of the problem you’re dealing with, to start realising that none of what is happening to you is your fault. Narcissistic abuse happens TO you, not because of you. The sooner you get curious about the origin of your reactions to abuse, the closer you get to finding healing and closure. 


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