In this episode, we discuss narcissists in relation to addictions. We will use the Internal Family Systems approach to understand how addictions can serve as protective parts. We will also learn how addictions can distract and soothe away narcissists from suffering from their self-worthiness wounds. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– Why addictions are considered protective parts in Internal Family Systems

– How the narcissist’s interpretation of other people’s actions and reactions lead to addictive behaviours

– How a better understanding of narcissists’ addictions can help us on our trauma recovery journey

Self-worthiness wounds are created during childhood, and the interpretation of the world and other people’s behaviour forms what is called an exile in Internal Family Systems. Addiction to drugs, porn, sex, or work can act as protective parts the brain uses to protect people from feeling that pain again. Between being distracted by an external stimulus or feeling miserable, the brain chooses what it considers less painful. 


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