In this episode, we will analyse narcissistic abuse from the polyvagal theory perspective. We’ll use this theory, remarkably well explained by Deb Dana, to understand how our nervous system responds to abuse, and use that knowledge to lift and remove the shame and guilt attached to those reactions. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– What is the polyvagal theory, and how the ladder analogy can help us to better understand our response to abuse

– What are the sympathetic, dorsal vagal, and ventral vagal responses of our system, and what they mean

– How triggers affect our “position” on the trust ladder

Understanding how and why we react to abuse is the first step to acknowledging that we are not weak and powerless, and that what is happening is not our fault. We need to get curious about what our system “sees,” and what it is trying to protect us from. 


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