In today’s episode, we will talk about narcissists and empathy. We will go through the three types of empathy and explain which area of the brain is responsible for each of them, so we can understand better why, according to the DSM, narcissists lack empathy. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– The three types of empathy – cognitive, emotional, and compassionate

– The three main areas of the brain that are associated with each type of empathy

– What kind of empathy narcissists are able to demonstrate

– Why and when narcissists are showing some kind of empathy

– What happens to us when we are offered no empathy

When we understand the origin and the difference between the three types of empathy, it becomes easier to understand why sometimes it may look like the narcissist in our lives is showing kindness or compassion. For them, it is all about getting narcissistic supply, and they’ll put themselves in a situation where they can get more of it. 


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