In this episode, we will talk about the shame and judgment that those who stay in a narcissist relationship suffer from others and from themselves. We will dive deep into the reasons behind the decision to stay in an abusive relationship, and how to be more compassionate towards those who make such decisions. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– How our protective parts don’t know what happiness is

– What happens when we hear the phrase ‘Just leave then’

– Safety concerns in case of leaving a narcissistic relationships

– How we can help people who decide to stay in abusive relationships

– The importance of bringing awareness into your internal protective mechanisms

Someone that comes from a place of not feeling worthy is more likely to end up as a codependent in an abusive relationship. In most cases, the fear of leaving that relationship will be greater than their suffering, so they’ll choose to stay. Without help, those people can enter the endless cycle of not feeling good enough to leave and, simultaneously, not worthy enough to generate love in their partners. 


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