This is part two of the fantastic interview with Professor Sam Vaknin. In this episode we talk about narcissistic abuse from a social perspective, and how we, as society members, deal with abusers and victims. We dive deep into the danger of labelling people, and discuss the idea of fluidity between the roles of victims and abusers. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • The counterproductive tendency of isolating trait behaviours, labelling and medicalising
  • Regarding narcissism as a positive adaptation that has helped a child to survive
  • Are we all a part of a colossal victim community?
  • The differences in a relationship between narcissists and healthy people, and narcissists and codependents
  • How the confirmation bias and the saviour mentality affects the victims of narcissist abuse

Accepting that many victims are never likely to abandon their abusers, Doctor Vaknin believes that people should be educated on self-defence, on how to create boundaries and react to abusive situations. Both the victim and abuser share the same source – they are children with wounded inner parts, utilising their survival tools.