This week we are talking about relationships after narcissistic abuse. But to talk about future relationships, we need to look at our past and what we learned about love when we were children. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • The three parts of our brain and what their roles are
  • Where the belief that the world is a dangerous place comes from
  • How to use the knowledge about how our mind works in order to empower ourselves
  • The prominent role of attachment in our perception of what love is
  • The connections between how we felt as children, and how we feel around the narcissist as adults
  • How YOU can break the cycle of narcissistic abuse

To ensure a healthy and lasting new relationship, we need to do some inner work, identify our blueprint of what love and connection are, and work on it. If we don’t address it, we are at risk of repeating this inter-generational trauma, and possibly passing it onto the next generations.