We rarely talk about the illness and disease that come from being in a narcissistic relationship. Today I want to talk about the physical effects of the trauma of narcissistic abuse, about why that might happen, and I want to potentially give you some hope.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How our bodies respond to stress.
  • Why our bodies remain in constant trauma when being in a relationship with a narcissistic.
  • The different areas of our brains and how they work in triggering situations.
  • The burdens and beliefs we carry that makes us a magnet to narcissistic people.
  • How talking therapy and brain body based therapy can help you.

A lot of the physical conditions that you have might be your body’s response to stress and trauma. I want you to get to know your body, your history, your timeline of events, and see if there’s actually a root cause to whatever physical stress related illness you have.