I get messaged many times about the fact that people just can’t break that addiction to the narcissist even if they know that it isn’t the right thing for them to keep on messaging or emailing the narcissist in their life. We actually call this a trauma bond, and in this episode I explain exactly what it is.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • What is Stockholm Syndrome and how it relates to the trauma bond
  • What behaviour of the narcissist forms the trauma bond
  • What neuropeptides are and the brain chemistry side of the trauma bond
  • How to start creating the safe space for you to start healing
  • Why it is absolutely necessary to block or extremely modify communication with the narcissist in your life

Remember where you are right now with creating those neuropeptides, because that’s what we are addicted to. In order to break the addiction to the narcissist, we’ve got to calm that nervous system, so that we can create a space for you to start to heal the trauma of narcissistic abuse.