I’m sure most of you have heard of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. But there is something else called Complex PTSD. So in today’s episode we are talking about the Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • What Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is
  • The difference between PTSD and Complex PTSD
  • Being busy all the time as one of the traits of Complex PTSD
  • Avoiding certain things and lack of memory as possible signs of the Complex PTSD
  • How dissociation, flashbacks and intrusive thoughts manifest in Complex PTSD
  • Long-term health risks of this disorder
  • The neuroscience behind the Complex PTSD

If you can relate to some of the symptoms of the Complex PTSD, it doesn’t mean you’re going to have this forever. It just means that trauma is stuck, and what we have to do is unstick it, process it, get it time stamped into the past and move forward. I believe you, but it is your responsibility to do something about it. And I’m here to support you.